Forget the everyday and take time just for yourself.

In one corner of Estonia, there is a small cottage named Private Time. It is a place where speed and rhythm are not important. Where there is no need to hurry anywhere. Where you hear swans, herons, and boats puttering along the sea. Where you hear the wind rustling in the pine treetops. Where you hear the waves lapping against the shore and see clouds gliding by.

A typical day in the Private Time cottage:

Wake up in the morning from a warm bed, open the curtains, and admire the pine forest, try to catch a glimpse of the sea waves and the clouds floating by. Drink coffee or tea on the terrace or by the sea, eat a nourishing and healthy breakfast. The morning already started well, right?

View from the window

Take along a book, some small snacks, and enjoy the day by the sea. Look – a family of swans! And there, a great egret! Beautiful… A dip in the sea? Why not! Just be careful with the rocks, it’s the West coast, after all.

Sleepiness sets in..

In the evening, a small barbecue and sauna. After the sauna, into the pond. Nice.. If only those mosquitoes weren’t so annoying!

Life is beautiful..

We are extremely pleased that you have found your way to us. To our dream. Yes, this cottage was our dream, which grew and tingled until we could no longer hold back, we had to fulfill it. We built this cottage from start to finish ourselves, our ideas, wishes, and dreams. Every tiniest detail. We have had a fantastic team and the best helpers on this journey. Thank you for that!

But what good is beauty if it cannot be shared with others? That’s why we opened the doors of our dream to you too. So that you too can see how beautiful Estonia is. How little is actually needed for happiness.. Just one perfect little house in the most beautiful place on earth.

A cup of coffee
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